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Reporting Water Leaks is Important – Don’t Wait, Make the Call Now

If your basement is flooding and you cannot find the source of the water, you need to contact a leak detection service immediately.  A flooding basement can undermine your foundation and cause a whole host of other problems.  Reporting water leaks is as simple as picking up the phone.  Use an expert service like ADI to find the ultimate source of the leak and arrange repair.  Leaks a good distance from your property can still impact your property. A neighbors plumbing problem can have a negative effect on several surrounding homes. non-invasive leak detection can help determine who has the leak, so that you can insist they fix it, immediately.

Reporting water leaks to the utility company is just as easy.  If the leak is on their end they are generally quick to respond to concerns about water leaks in pipe systems.  Make sure the company is aware of the severity of the issue and how it has affected your home.  A wet basement can cause the growth of mold and mildew, and it encourages insects.  These problems are progressive and can be difficult and expensive to fix.  Call ADI today to find out leak placement and discuss repair options on 0800 731 8343, most repairs are included in the gas leak detection price.