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Report Domestic Gas Leaks Quickly

Natural gas is a wonderful fuel source that can run a variety of home appliances.  Water heaters, boilers, dryers, stoves and much more can use natural gas as a fuel source.  Of course the same thing that makes it an excellent fuel source is also the thing which makes it dangerous in homes. That is its flammability. This is what makes domestic gas leak dangerous.  However, every home with installed natural gas has a shutoff valve that cuts the flow of the gas into the home.

If you suspect that there may be domestic gas leaks in your area, contact the national emergency service to report the issue.  If the gas escape is limited to your home, try hitting the shut off unless the valve is in the basement.  Remember not to turn on the lights or any other electrical appliance.  This can cause a spark which is highly dangerous in the event of a gas leak.

Once the emergency engineer has declared the property safe for entry and all the gas has cleared the property, it is time to contact an expert detection & repair service.  At ADI we have years of experience providing quality safe repairs for natural gas lines and pipes.  You can contact us on 0800 731 8343 to at any time for your leak detection or repair needs.