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Repair Radiator Leaks with Expert Help

Radiant heat is one of the favored sources of heat.  Forced air heating system units cause the air in a home to dry out.  This makes the addition of humidifiers during the winter necessary to keep the atmosphere comfortable in your home.  Radiators don’t cause the same dryness, and the heat they provide is comforting.  However, radiators can have mechanical problems which impact every area in your home.  If a radiator starts to leak, you can have water damage to walls, floors and electric lines, depending on the severity of the gas leak and the duration.  If you happen to be home when the leaking starts, you can turn off the water to broken unit.  If you are on holiday, the damage can be extensive by the time you return home.

There are several things to try to repair radiator leaks. The first thing that you should attempt, before calling ADI professionals, is to bleed the radiators.  If that does not repair the issue, it is time to bring in the experts.  We at ADI are fully capable of a repair for radiator leaks.  Contact us today at 0800 731 8343 to schedule a free quote for your radiator repair or replacement.

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