Radcliffe Camera, All You Need To Know

It is a building of Oxford University, England, designed by James Gibbs using a neo-classical style in 1737-1749 which the Radcliffe Science Library is housed. On the southern side is Old Bodleian and sandwiched between Brasenose College to the western side and All Souls College to the Eastern side. It was initially known as Physics Library, which got funds from John Radcliffe, who left an estate worth £40,000.

History of the Building

John Radcliffe attended Oxford University College when he was thirteen years old and later to Lincoln College at eighteen. He had a thriving medical career and had patients like William III and Queen Anne. He left behind a fortune used to build Radcliffe Camera with no children to succeed him. His burial place was St. Mary’s Church, Oxford. He had intentions to complete the facility at least two years before he met his death.

Radcliffe as a Tourist Attraction Site

People all over the world do visit this historic building that has passed through different generations. There are 600,000 books in underground banks beneath Radcliffe Square. In addition, some tunnels link the library to the north of the Radcliffe Camera. It features two reading rooms that undergraduates use, History, Art, Archaeology and Anthropology are in the upper room. The lower room holds English Literature and Theological books.

Things That Made Radcliffe Popular

1)      In 2005 a game there was a computer game developed and was known as Civilization IV. Programmed by Soren Johnson, it was released in North America, Australia and Europe. Gamers could access it through Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X and run it by Gamebryo software. Players used a building model to construct an empire to construct civilization with available resources. Radcliffe Camera is used in the game to represent Oxford University which is constructed in every game.

Civilization Revolution was released in 2008 by Firaxis Games, designed by Sid Meler. It uses the 4X strategy. It was an upgrade of the Civilization series and released for Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It also used Radcliffe Camera, which was supposed to be constructed via the game.

2)      Radcliffe Camera was also used as a filming destination by different film producers over the years. For example, in1985 there was a movie that was released to the public known as Young Sherlock Holmes. It involves narration which is full of illusions by Dr. John Watson. In his youthful years transfers from his former school to London’s Brompton Academy. It ends where Holmes movesto another school, and Watson gives him a farewell present. Watson observes that he knew more adventure would come to his friend’s side.

In 1997 other films were produced in the location known as The opium war, The Saint and

The Red Violin in 1998.

3)      Elizabeth Kostova’s novel The Historian includes a very intriguing scene in the interior of Radcliffe Camera.

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