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Quickly Finding Leaks in Shower Drains is a Job for the Professionals

All water leaks are a major concern, given the amount of damage even a small leak can cause, but waste water and drain pipes are the worst when looking at potential hazards.  Waste water has sediment, soap and all sorts of grime in it, making it even more of a health concern than normal standing water.  Quickly finding gas leak in shower drains is important to reduce the potential health risks.  While water alone can encourage the growth of black mold and mildew, waste water also brings up the question of other contaminants.  A flood of clean water fresh from the intake pipe is messy, and requires considerable clean up, but waste water requires experience dealing with hazardous materials to ensure that the clean-up is carried out properly.

At ADI, we understand the necessity of finding central heating leak in shower drains as quickly as possible to minimize your risks.  Our leak detection specialists are accomplished at finding the source of a leak with minimal disruption to your home.  If you suspect a leak it is important to have it fixed as soon as possible to avoid potentially costly repairs.  Contact us today on 0800 731 8343 to arrange for leak detection and repair service to avoid hazardous health situations!