Our Specialist Water Leak Detection Processes

Our water leak detection processes have been devised over many years of searching for hidden water leaks.

In our processes we utilize the widest possible range of leak detection technology to ensure the highest sucess rate for finding hidden water leaks!

Our water leakage detection service is always being improved by the ADI Leak Detection research and development department, keeping us at the forefront of the water leak detection industry.

Plumbing pressure test for leak detection

Specific Processes For Different Water Leak Sources

Central Heating leak Detection Specialists

Central Heating Leak Detection Process

Our specialist engineers use a range of water leak detection techniques to trace the location of a central heating leak.

Our standard process for pinpointing the source of a central heating leak is:

1) Thermal Imaging to locate your heating pipes.

2) Moisture Meters to test for damp in the area of a suspected water leak.

3) Acoustic Listening Devices to listen for the sound of a water leak inside a wall or under the floor.

4) Tracer Gas to confirm the location of your leak.

Our engineers may use a select range of other equipment throughout the leak detection process.

Water Mains Leak Detection Process

The procedure for detecting a water mains leak includes the use of specialist water leak detection equipment and years of expertise. Here at ADI Leak Detection we have an abundance of experience and equipment at our disposal.

Our standard procedure for finding a water mains leak:

1) Trace the water mains supply pipe using a Cat & Genny if possible.

2) A Leak Noise Correlator may be used is the leak is suspected over a long distance water main.

3) Tracer Gases are normally used on shorter distance water mains.

4) Acoustics are used to listen for the sound of the leak below the surface of the ground.

This procedure is carried out by our water mains leak detection teams daily, with a 99% success rate.

Underground Leak Detection Services
Swimming Pool Leak Detection Engineer Doing Dye Test

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Process

Our swimming pool leak detection division use a bespoke leak detection process which has been developed in house.

Our pool leak detection procedure includes:

1) Leak Dye Testing.

2) Acoustic listing devices around the pool and along the route of the filtration system.

3) Tracer Gases in the filtration system pipework.

4) The use of specialist pool leak detection equipment, developed in house here at ADI Leak Detection.


Our pool leak detection process includes searching the pool itself for structural leaks along with the pool skimmer an entire filtration system.

Roof Leak Detection Process

We have dedicated roof leak detection teams who are specialists in finding roof leaks.

Water ingress from a roof can be challenging to source without the use of our advanced roof leak detection equipment and expertise.

1) Flat Roof Electronic Leak Detection to help pinpoint leak locations on flat roof surfaces.

2) Drone Roof Surveys using our highly advanced thermal imaging drones to scan the roof for any external structural issues such as missing mortor, broken tiles or failed lead flashings.

3) Visual Internal inspections with borescope cameras and moisture meters to identify damp areas.

4) We may also utilize a smoke test on some roofs as another visual leak detection test.

Roof Leak Detection Specialists

Leak Detection Procedure FAQ’s

The most common method of detecting a leak is tracer gas leak detection. Nitrogen/Hydrogen Tracer gases are used to find leaks on many pipework systems including central heating systems, hot / cold feed water pipes, underground water mains, large irrigation / sprinkler systems, underfloor heating systems and during most trace and access services.

We use a wide range of pipe leak detection equipment with Tracer gases being the most commonly used toolset.

The technique used to detect water leakage will depend on where a leak is being detected. We utilize a wide range of leak detection equipment, each serves its purpose differently.

Our Other Water Leak Detection Services

Lets & Repair Find Your Water Leak

Here at ADI Leak Detection we have a network of water leak detection specialists strategically located to find leaks anywhere in England, Wales & Scotland!

Our teams use non invasive leak detection methods for the majority of our processes.

Our experienced team of call handlers are ready to take your call and assist with your water leak detection enquiry.

ADI Leak Detection Customer Service Team

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