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Preventing Winter Water Leaks

There can be no doubt that the winter months are when most water leaks occur. The reason for this is quite straightforward. As temperatures drop then the standing water in pipes can freeze. This causes the pipes themselves to expand, and possibly split or rupture. The colder the weather, the higher the chance of one of your water pipes springing a central heating leak.

Winter water mains leaks detection can be prevented, although not entirely. The main weapon for combating water leaks caused by freezing is to protect pipes from becoming cold enough to freeze the water inside them. Lagging pipes with some form of insulation is a good idea, especially pipes which run externally. Any external over ground pipes should be lagged, as these tend to be the coldest, due to a combination of ambient temperature and wind chill factor. You can invest in proper pipe insulation, or simply wrap the exposed pipes in old rags or newspaper. Proper insulation works best but even newspaper will keep the wind off exposed pipes and help to stop them freezing. However, in really cold weather, newspaper is not enough, proper insulation is required.

If you do find that one of your pipes has split or ruptured this winter, then make sure you call ADI right away on 08007313843.