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Prevent Leaks and Prevent Mould And Rot

Having your home or business ruined by mold or dampness that leaves it looking and smelling far less appealing and valuable than it ever has before isn’t something you want we’d imagine? But the problem of dampness or mold patches doesn’t just appear overnight. In fact this type of problem usually takes weeks or even months to develop so there are always the early warning signs and hints of there being something wrong.

If you’ve seen the first signs of a central heating leak on your property or you’re making an educated guess that there might be a problem with a water leak somewhere on your property then the sooner you take action to have that leak found and fixed the sooner you reduce the risk of water damage. And at the same time you’re going to be also able to reduce or completely eliminate the possibility of future problems with mold or dampness in your home or business.

If, however, you choose to ignore the warning signs of a gas leak you’re going to be left with a pretty expensive repair and redecoration bills. Firstly any timbers, supporting or otherwise, that have been affected by ongoing dampness are going to be need to be replaced realistically – otherwise you’re looking at not being able to get property insurance. Then you’ll be looking at removing the paint and plaster for every single room that has serious dampness problems then having to layer it with a damp-proofing material and then plaster and paint it again – this alone can cost several thousand pounds.

Then of course if your floorboards, linoleum or carpet have been affected by ongoing dampness then they’ll also need to be replaced and any potential structural problems that exist there fixed as well.

All of these problems can be avoided by simply calling ADI water mains leak detection in to check out this leak for you and once we find it then give us permission to fix it for you.

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