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Prevent Gas Leaks in the House with Regular Inspections

While plumbing leaks can cause massive damage and continuing problems, they are not as terrifying as the prospect of a gas leak.  The overwhelming smell of gas allows property owners to deduce when the property is having trouble with natural gas. If you ever walk into a property you own and smell gas, first open the nearest windows and check all of the usual suspects.

Is the stove on, with the pilot light out?  That will cause gas to pour from the stove unchecked.  If so, turn off the stove and air out your house.  If you cannot locate an obvious source for the gas, you may have gas leaks in the house.  Quickly turn off the main line delivery system and contact us for immediate central heating leak detection and repair.

At ADI we understand how nerve wracking it can be to deal with gas leaks in the house.  The fear of potential harm due to a fire is incredible, and the reaction to what could have happened can be severe.  However, with our state of the art leak detection services we will quickly have all systems checked, the leak located and repaired and the house safe for human habitation once more.  Call us today on 0800 731 8343 to schedule an inspection of your gas delivery system.

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