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Pipe Tracing

When our engineers arrive on your site (business or home) one of the first steps we need to take is get an accurate idea of how the pipes for your home are laid out. This includes both plastic and metallic pipes so that our engineers know what they’re dealing with well in advance of finding the source of the actual leak. So that’s when our pipe tracing equipment is brought into play.

We have different equipment for detecting which type of pipes are in each area. One system relies on being able to detect metal components in your underground pipes whereas another piece of equipment can listen for a specific type of vibration given off by water running through any plastic piping on your property. In some circumstances we can even use ground penetrating radar to map out your piping system but it all depends on the type of leak detection job we’ve been hired to do.

Once we have a more accurate picture of how the pipes on your property are laid out we can then carry out the rest of our survey using the rest of our advanced equipment. Performing our investigation in a step-by-step process like this means that you, our customers, enjoy a 98% first time fix rate in that we find 98% of leaks within one working day.

Other companies will probably want to rush in and start their survey half-cocked and miss something very important. ADI engineers have years of experience in gas leak detection so we do things a specific way for very good reason and the reason is really making sure our customers get the best possible service from us.

Being perfectionists when it comes to central heating leak detection isn’t a bad thing because it means we can minimize the amount of hours we spend on your property and this in turn means that we can offer you far more competitive pricing as a result.

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