‘Pipe Mike’ Reveals All!

Blog Post By Mark Jones, Senior Leak Detection Engineer

Leak Detection Location: Bracknell

This was the moment when a pipe microphone revealed all about an otherwise impossible to detect mains water pipe leak.

Leak Located & exposed

When conventional Leak Detection techniques proved inconclusive because the mains water pipe had been buried very deep, it was time to start thinking outside the box.

We inserted a pipe microphone and tracing cable into the live mains pipe. We were able to listen as the microphone approached the leak and by tracing the probe we were able to determine:

    • Route of the main pipe
    • Distance along the pipe to the leak
    • Depth of the leak
    • And even the presence of a joint at the leak location.

When we exposed the leak we found a failed joint within 200mm of the predicted location!!

Now that is what you call a professional water leak detection!

We are proud to have the most experienced plumbing and heating engineers on our dedicated leak detection team – this means that you as our customer can be relax while we deal with locating your troublesome leak!

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