Piccadilly Circus

The Piccadily Circus is located in the Westminster district and it’s a popular attraction that lies between St. James and Soho manors, in the north and south respectively. The area links most of the nearby streets which include Coventry, Shaftesbury, Regent Street and Piccadilly.

History of Piccadilly Circus

The name Piccadilly Circus comes from the Piccadily Hall constructed in the 1600s. The area came to be in the early 1800s through the intersection of Piccadilly and Regent Street. Over the course of 2 centuries, the area has undergone a lot of redevelopment with building renovations and the erection of massive billboards. Now there are many shops, theatres and nightclubs. The Aluminium statue, which constitutes the main attraction of the centre was constructed in 1893.

Major Attractions

  1. The Statue of Eros, London (Angel of Christian Charity)

Marvel at the artistic masterpiece at the heart of Piccadilly circus and take some pictures.

  1. Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, London

It’s in the middle of Piccadilly and it was christened to honour the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury.

  1. The high-end chain stores and restaurants, popular among the royal class.

Visit them for a tour or shopping and exquisite service.

  1. The Trafalgar Square, London

Go here for a late-night stroll and view of London. You can also learn about the history of Great Britain as they acquired victory against the French and Spanish fleets.

  1. The British Museum, London

Learn about the origins and evolution of London over the centuries.

  1. Big Ben, London

This is London’s national timepiece. You can grab a coffee and walk around the area as you enjoy the great human invention.

  1. London Eye, London

Get a view of the beautiful scenery in London.

  1. The National Gallery, London

Enjoy over 2300 art pieces that have been around since the 1200s-1900s. They include the Conversations with God Copernicus piece by Jan Matejko and many others.

Activities carried out in Piccadilly Circus

  • Take a late-night walk to view the giant TV screens, enjoy food and drinks at the restaurants and night shops.
  • Visit the two theatres close by for a play and musical experience.
  • Go to the dance halls to watch or have a good dance.
  • The London Pavillion is an architectural masterpiece for those who enjoy ancient building designs.
  • Go to church at the St. James Piccadily Church built in 1684 for your spiritual needs.
  • Visit the Maison Assouline in the Midland Bank Building for a drink at the bar and awe at the beautiful white ceiling.
  • Buy signed copies and antique books at Hatchards library.
  • Spend a night at the luxurious hotels at The Ritz and The Wolseley upmarket restaurants, London.
  • Enjoy splendour shopping at the Fortnum and Mason, London. It’s also frequented by royalties.
  • Take a stroll at night to enjoy the music and the beautiful nightscape vibes. Feel what London is like and take a breath of fresh air to wind down.
  • Buy souvenirs at antique shops.
  • Shop at the big brands and designer stores in the area.
  • Transport is through an underground tube at Piccadilly Circus station ready to take you anywhere.

Causes of Water Leaks in London

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