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Hiring A Professional Leak Detection Company Can Save You Up To £7,500

Why would hiring ADI Leak Detection potentially save you up to £7,500?

Well that’s how much it costs on average to repair the damaged caused by a serious water leak, plus you’re relying on your insurance company to actually pay up in the first place.

ADI have been providing our services in the United Kingdom now for almost 10 years and during that time we have seen an incredible amount of damage caused by hidden water leaks. The vast majority of this damage could have been prevented if the property owners had invested in leak detection services, saving them thousands of pounds overall.

It makes far more sense to simply call the team here at ADI Leak Detection to investigate the problem for you, using our 4 different methods of advanced leak detection:

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Our advanced digital thermal cameras allow us to detect heat variances in your floors or walls, which is always the sign of a water leak. This means that we don’t need to guess where the leaks are – we’ve already located them with pinpoint accuracy

Acoustic Leak Detection

Even if your internal, external or central heating leak is located up to 3-metres underground we can locate it with incredible accuracy, saving you time and money and the hassle of having random holes dug all over your property

Nitrogen Hydrogen Leak Detection

By filling your pipes with a non-explosive gas we can locate almost invisible leaks with our gas tracing and gas sniffer system. This means there’s no need to go digging random holes to find the leak.

Leak Correlation

These advanced sensors and software allow us to find multiple leaks or leaks spread over an area of up to 600 metres, so no job is too big for us to handle. The advanced nature of this equipment allows for a very high level of leak detection accuracy.

This range of equipment allows us to find leaks in a completely non-invasive manner so, unlike other leak detection companies, we never need to drill or dig holes to find a leak – this means you never have to worry about unnecessary and costly damage to your property – saving you even more money!

Our highly trained and fully insured engineers are available to trace and repair leaks right across England and we WILL find your leak.

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