Old-School Pubs

There are a number of historic pubs located in London. These pubs have hosted guests that are famous and some even have fascinating stories behind them, since they have been running for ages and at the same time serving a variety of customers. London has also been known for its Grand Beer Festival that has been going on right at the heart of the Capital in some of this historic pubs like;

The Nag’s Head

This is a beautiful porky pub that is located just a short walking distance from the shopping district of Harrods and Knightsbridge. The pub is a totally unique world of its own and locating it always gets the visitors feeling like they made a discovery. The interior of the pub is cluttered with an assembly of different ancient portraits, bric-a-brac, pewter mugs, Adnams on tap and even curiosities. This gives the visitors the feeling of how it was like centuries ago and it is definitely a place to go and have an awesome experience while visiting London.

The Star Tavern

The Star Tavern is a unique pub situated in Belgravia and this amazing ancient pub has seen a number of well-known visitors including the likes of Diana Dors, Peter O’Toole, and Alexander Korda, since its launch in the early 19th century. The pub has been famous for one major event of the 20th century that supposedly involves the Great Train Robbers hatching their plan to rob the Mail Service, in the Grand upstairs room back in 1963.

The French House, Soho

This particular French house has had a very major historical role. It has however had an impact on the opposite side of the Chanell just like its name suggests. The first landlord was a German which was quite ironical considering this was a French pub but he faced deportation after the beginning of the First World War and had to sell it. The Pub now serves alcohol in French measures, and has gone on to retain its unique Gallic flavor to date.

The Dog and Duck, Soho

The Dog and Duck is another famous watering hole with major literary associations, and is a pub that George Orwell occasionally visited to have a drink. The interior is ornate Victorian and the building has been listed as a Grade II building due to its grand mirrors and lavish tiling. The owners of the pub also boast of a visit from the famous singer Madonna.

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