Nottingham Cathedral

The cathedral is located on the corner of Derby Road and North Circus Street. Built between 1841 and 1844 this magnificent structure cost about € 15,000 this amount is equivalent to about € 1,510,000 in 2019.  This shows the amount of effort and money that was put into building this spectacular building.

Designed by the renowned architect A.W.N Pugin with the foundation stone laid by Bishop Nicolas Wiseman. The Bishop had brought with him the relics of Saint Barnabas from Rome. At the time of its opening, this was the largest Catholic church to exist in England. The specific details about the confession times and mass can be found on their website.

Key features of the Nottingham Cathedral

  • Captivating architecture. Renowned architect A.W.N Pugin richly decorated this cathedral. it provides an eye-catching view of the interior structures and architecture. The well-crafted designs will sure get you snapping pictures for souvenirs.
  • Spectacular stained glass. the glass from inside the cathedral looks spectacular. The amount of crisp detail and perfection takes you through a roller-coaster of emotions. It is hard to ignore the piece of genius crafting that went into the design of these glasses.
  • Enchanting atmosphere. the cathedral has always been home to choral music since the start. A flourished Music Department is always available when you visit. The youth and cathedral choir will surely leave you awed at their melodious angelic voices.
  • Glorious Furnishings. The decorative schemes on the floors, walls give you a perspective of how good lancet styles of decorations were. The richness of decorations is in plain view on the well-polished surfaces at the cathedral.
  • National heritage. It is hard to ignore the fact that this cathedral holds some national significance. Most of Pugin’s work was destroyed in the upheaval that revolved around the Vatican council. This makes this cathedral one of the best standing specimens of Pugin’s work.

Whether you are trying to find the best place to worship in Nottingham or you just want to be amazed by the fulfilling spectacular designs of the church, then a trip to Nottingham Cathedral will leave you spiritually nourished and visually appeased.

The cathedral will allow you to take pictures during tours. You, however, need authorization for filming and taking professional shots. You can also volunteer to help with various projects. People are also allowed to register for the music scheme and scholarships are also given. Donations are also accepted as you get to explore more about the history of the cathedral.

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