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Notice a Damp Spot? Get Effective Leak Detection Today!

A moist or damp spot on a wall can mean major trouble for home or business owners. At ADI we have seen all kinds of problems crop up due to a single, small leak. Water damage is pervasive and can affect other home systems quickly if left to spread. If a behind the scenes leak is left unrepairable, it can cause mold, mildew, rust, fire and much more. The damp environment that a leaky pipe creates is perfect for mold and mildew. Both of these can cause major problems in the form of respiratory ailments and allergic reactions. Water damage can also affect the wiring of a building making it more vulnerable to fire. If you notice any signs of a gas leak, ensure that you have effective leak detection with professional services.

We understand that it is tempting to ignore the issue, but it won’t simply go away. If anything, a central heating leak will get worse over time. ADI offers state of the art technology to provide effective leak detection that will help keep property damage to a minimum. While some companies are forced to knock down walls and tear up floors, ADI has effective leak detection that can pinpoint the problem without causing any damage. Call us today to arrange for a free quotation at 08007313843.