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Did You Know That Most Insurance Companies Refuse To Pay For Water Damage?

At ADI we’ve had the benefit of working on water leaks on all kinds of properties all over North Somerset so we know just how often insurance companies will do anything they can do to not pay for water damage. The weird thing is that your insurance company will generally gladly pay for a leak detection survey because they know it can help prevent a serious water leak and the extensive costs that can come from repairing the damage it causes.

Here are some of the problems a water leak can leave you facing:

  • Property subsidence caused by underground soil erosion
  • Thousands of pounds wasted on unnecessarily expensive water bills
  • Serious health risks caused by moulds and fungus growing inside your home
  • Expensive cosmetic and structural damage totalling thousands of pounds

But you don’t need to worry about that water leak anymore now that you’ve found the services of the leading leak tracing company in North Somerset – ADI. Every member of the ADI team is both trained and insured to work on water management problems as varied as swimming pool leaks, leaking showers, underground water leaks and, of course, central heating leaks too. You’ll find that each of our team members is a pleasure to deal with and a true leak detection and repair professional.

Our leak detection specialists are equipped with a full range of non-invasive tools that allow us to check for anything from leaks in a swimming pool to leaks inside internal walls:

Thermal Imaging CamerasWater Leak Detection North Somerset
Our thermal imaging systems are particularly useful in dealing with water leak detection work that requires us to check for the early signs of a leak inside your walls or ceilings

Tracer Gas
When we need to check an entire property for multiple leaks we use a tracing gas and gas sniffers to help us pinpoint those troublesome leaks

Acoustic Leak Detection
Our acoustic leak detectors can trace leaks that are buried up to 8-feet underground and to an accuracy of within just inches of the leak source

Leak Correlators
When we need to work on finding the source of multiple leaks spread over an area of hundreds of metres we use our leak correlation sensors and software

Hiring ADI means getting a modern, comprehensive and affordable leak tracing and repair service for any property in North Somerset.

Our engineers love reading reviews of the ADI service like this one – it’s when we know we’re doing a great job at leak detection:

Our team of friendly and helpful leak detection engineers are waiting to help trace and repair your leak for you today – call us FREE now on 08007313843.

ADI Leak Detection FAQ’s

Which water leaks can you find?

We specialise in locating water leaks under floors, on central heating systems, on water mains, hot and cold water feeds. The list is almost endless, but if you have a water leak in a property then we should be able to help you – Simply give us a call on 0800 731 3843 to find out.

Are you able to locate an external water leak?

We have a specialist crew who pinpoint the location of external water mains leaks every day. Using a complete range of specialist leak detection tools, equipment and expertise we are able to accurately locate water on long and short stretches of water mains.

Are you able to repair my leak once you have found it?

Our team are all highly experienced plumbing and heating engineers, many of whom have been tracing and repairing water leaks for many years.

We are on most occasions able to provide a repair service for your water leak once it has been located, this will however depend on the exact location of the leak along with several other factors

Do you have any testimonials for your leak detection service?

Yes, we have over 140 reviews on Which trusted traders with a glowing 4.6 star out of 5 rating!

I am a landlord and my property is elsewhere in the UK, are you able to help?

Sure, we serve the majority of the UK from our base in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and via our network of engineers nationwide.

How can I enquire and have you come solve my problem?

Call one of our small & friendly team on 0800 731 3843 and they will be sure to listen to your problem and you will discover if we can help you.