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Never Ignore Propane Leaks

Of all of the types of leaks we deal with here at ADI natural gas leak detector, by far the most dangerous are propane leaks. Propane leaks are hazardous for one very good reason. Propane gas is heavier than air. This means that any gas which escapes from propane leaks will naturally find its way into spaces where it will not escape from naturally. This is a very large problem for homes which have false flooring on the ground level; the propane gas can sit beneath the flooring, and can be ignited very easily.

Propane gas is extremely combustible, more so than natural gas. Couple this with the propensity for propane gas to accrue in places from which it cannot escape, and we are faced with quite literally an explosive situation. If you think you have a propane leak then you must act now! We can locate and fix propane central heating leak quickly. More importantly, we can ensure that any propane which lingers in your homes is located and expelled, making it safe once again.

If you even suspect you have a propane leak then call ADI heating system leak detection right now! So that we can help you to make sure your home and family are safe!

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