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Need Leak Detection In London?

Water leaks are inconvenient on every level. They usually appear at the worst possible time, in the worst possible place and with absolutely no warning at all. This leaves most people in this position in a state of panic and not being sure what to do next. Well the worst thing you can do is panic because that’s going to solve nothing and will just use up energy that would be better spent invested in finding a company to deal with your water leak – especially if it’s of the more severe burst pipe type of leak.

Fortunately ADI gas leak detection provide their services to all of London and the Greater London area and have been doing so since the 1990s. This means that no matter where you’re living in London (or elsewhere in the UK for that matter) our engineers will be able to visit you and find the source of the leak – if it’s not already visible. And when you call ADI you’re getting more than just a leak detection company because each of our engineers is also a trained plumber who can not only find a leak for you but can then repair it once it’s located.

Dealing with ADI central heating repairs will also save you a lot of time too because we’re able to find and fix over 95% of all water leaks in one single visit and in less than a working day. The fact that our engineers are trained to a very high level and possess very advanced equipment allows us to reach resolution rates like this but then we also stock a wide variety of standard replacement parts in our vans so we may not even need to leave your property for the replacement part once we get there.

If you’re looking for a leak detection company in London there’s only one name you need – ADI.

Leak Detection Services