National Trust – Leigh Woods, Bristol

National Trust is the organization mandated to take care of the Leigh Woods. Leigh Woods is located near Avon Gorge. It is widely known as the amazing backdrop to the Clifton Suspension Bridge. It has a great history, and this fact has attracted thousands of tourists every year.

Getting to Leigh Woods

If you want to get to the Leigh Woods under the preservation of the National Trust, you should consider public transport means. You can also think of using a bike or better on foot. If you own a car, you may have to find a way to share it with other individuals interested in visiting this spot to avoid congestion in the Leigh woods. The car park near the Leigh Woods is small. Thus, it may not be able to accommodate thousands of cars.

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About Leigh Woods

Leigh Wood is huge woodland. It has huge trees with broad leaves. It has some pollards and ancient coppice. The fact that it has ancient trees of trees has led to its being marked as a site for special scientific interest. It has flowering plants that are rare and native trees.

It is currently under the National Trust and the Forestry England. The National Trust received 80 acres from Wills Estate in 1909 to help protect it for the future. The southern part of the Woods is a National Nature Reserve. There are native trees and some nice flowering plants rare to find in any other place in England. The Forestry Commission purchased 300 acres of Leigh Woods in 1949. It is now preserved by the mentioned body for timber, benefit to the people and some Wildlife.

Things to do

  • have a nature walk in the woodlands
  • You can just have fun at the open field.
  • There is wildlife that you can enjoy watching.
  • eating at the nearby restaurants
  • a drink at the bars near the Leigh Woods
  • You can see the timber activities happening in the Leigh Woods.

Major attractions

  • The Woodlands is a major tourist attraction, especially for those that would like to enjoy nature walks and see indigenous trees.
  • Wildlife in the Leigh Wood forest
  • Nature Trails

There is a lot to enjoy at the National Trust-operated Leigh woods. Thus, you should make efforts to pay a visit soon. You can bring your family and friends. However, make sure you adhere to the travel guidelines issued by the bodies that manage the Leigh Woods. Besides, do not forget to come ready to snap memories with nice native trees, beautiful flowers, wildlife animals, and much more.

While still in Bristol, you can also visit Temple Church, Bristol.

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