National Trust – Birmingham Back to Backs

This is considered one of the biggest projects, National Trust – Birmingham Back to Back is also known as Court 15. These are the city’s last surviving court of back-to-back houses in the West of Midlands. It is believed it once denominated the cities in the Midlands. This project matters to thousands of individuals living in Birmingham, of which tens of thousands of people depend on it.

National Trust reveals the history of the working class of the 19th century and much more of the people of the 20th century, not forgetting it also reflects the rich and the diverse heritage. People from all backgrounds across the globe came to this place, and they practice one of the city’s ‘thousand trades’ and live side by side. Birmingham is a significant city in London, popularly known by its attraction known as The National Motorcycle Museum.

History of National Trust – Birmingham Back to Backs

Back to Backs originated from the so-called because they were built back to back, quickly and very cheap they were built to house the rapidly increasing working population due to the Britain Government expanding industrial towns. They were built in the 19th century but were opened in the year 1840.

The so-called Court 15 came into existence in the 1830s. This was a noisy place to live because the wall separating them was just one brick thick. By the year 1896, all the houses fronting onto Hurst Street were converted to shops. This trend continued to the year 2002 where all the properties had been vacated.

Things to see and to in Birmingham Back to Backs.

Are you in the love of the past? If yes, this is the best place for you to take a tour. For you will experience the past life of characters from the 1840s to the 1970s. Below is a couple of things you should do here.

  • Do you like shopping? You will find all the Back to Backs and Birmingham Themed products that all available in all ranges. You must find one product to take back home.
  • By any chance your fancy for a snack of a full meal, there are various hotels and cafés. However, they don’t have rooms for tea rooms. There are also legitimate pubs where you grab your beer, wine and enjoy.
  • Take a walk of the largest city of Birmingham, and the city is a stone’s throw away from Court 15. There are good attraction sites in the city where 100% enjoyment is guaranteed, for instance, the Roundhouse.
  • Take your time and see the bedroom of Mr. Levi, also see the meals of 1850s from the kitchen of Mrs. Oldfield. Don’t forget to take a peep at George Saunders’ tailor shop and have a gander at what he was making.

At court 15, tours can be in two categories is Standard tours and Ground floor tours. Standard tours, you can go in groups regardless of your number. It involves stairs, and it will only take you 1.5 hours to go around the building. Ground floor tours are primarily meant for those who find difficulty in climbing the stairs. This tour involves visiting the courtyard and the brewhouse. Booking is made only when you’re interested in Ground floor tours.

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