National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham

National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham is like walking in the deep sea or inside an aquarium with all the fascinating sea creatures right next to you.

Adventures in National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham

  • Penguin ice adventure. Penguins found in National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham have traveled almost halfway around the world to find a home in Birmingham. They were brought as baby penguins which later, after a successful breeding, Gentoo penguin was born. Watching the sassy antics of these penguins as they dive in the ice-cold waters will give you a sight to behold.
  • Rock pool creatures. These are sea creatures found in the oceans after the tides go out. If you are in Birmingham or close by, it might not be necessary to go to the ocean to find them because you can visit National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham and explore them. There is
    • Starfish. A living animal without a brain, blood, or heart is a wonder. You can learn more about this wonderful fish that is found in every ocean in the world and also found in National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham. Sea anemone. Their name is derived from anemone flower because of how they bloom and colorfully look.
    • Crab. The crabs in National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham are the Common Shore Crabs, mostly reddish-brown to help them camouflage from predators.
  • Tropical ocean. In tropical oceans, you find sharks. National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham has brought the tropical to you as they house two of the common sharks. These sharks have brought so much traffic to the center because honestly if you don’t have the courage to see them in the ocean, what other better way to see them if not through glass.
  • Ocean tunnel. This is a 360-degree underwater ocean tunnel found in National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham. You get to experience being underwater, marveling at the sharks swimming over your head, turtles by the side, and not getting wet. The lighting in this tunnel is beautifully done to mimic ocean colors and how sun rays strike through the sea.
  • Jellyfish invaders zone. This is like a huge aquarium in the National SEA LIFE Centre, where there numerous of them. The sea life center has created an enticing illusion using lights to make them look more magical and beautiful to watch. They house the Moon Jellyfish– Aurelia Aurita and the Sea Nettle Jellyfish Chrysaora Melanaster.
  • Octopus. The National SEA LIFE Centre has an octopus in their special locations called Octopus Hideout. The octopus has been named Beverly. This sea creature has been a spectacle for anyone, and having an opportunity to marvel at it up close is a priceless moment.

You ever wondered how it looks like in the underwater world? Then visiting National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham will give you more than a glimpse of that. National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham is such an adventurous center to not explore, especially to Birmingham locals and visitors. Now that you are in that adventurous spirit, how about you check out Black Country Living Museum.

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