National Gallery

The National Gallery is a museum located in London’s Westminster. It was discovered in early 1824. It is a free, independent, and transparent charity body dealing with arts. The museum majorly deals with sport, culture, and digital activities. It is a government property of London. It is cost-free to the people of London. The national gallery was formed when the British government purchased paints in the year 1824 from John Julius. The national gallery was planned by the famous British scientist known as William Wilkins from 1832 to 1838. It is amongst the most visited museums in the world. 

The History of the National Gallery

It was established in the year 1824 after the government of Britain purchased a collation of images from John Julius, the banker. The images consisted of the English, Dutch and Italian arts. The government planned to construct a suitable building that could accommodate George Beaumont’s collections in 1831. The images were displayed at Angerstein’s facility, waiting for the completion of the new building. William Wilkins designed the structure of Galley, and it was opened in the year 1838. The building was extraordinary, and it was considered the central center of London city. It is situated where all classes of people in London can easily access it.   

Tourist Attractions near National Gallery

  1. The Big Ben

It is another name for the Great bell in Westminster. The term refers to the clock tower and the clock. It was renamed Elizabeth tower in 2012 state of the jubilee diamond of Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom. Augustus Plugin designs the tower in a Neo-gothic style.

  1. The Churchill War Rooms

This is London’s most tourist attraction. It is the underground war room center for the British national government during World War II. It is the second world war-winning Churchill museum.

  1. The Westminster Abbey

This church is situated in the center of London westward of the parliament house. It offers daily prayers to all people worldwide and has got a history over the years. The place is tranquil and peaceful, with resting places. It has been there since 1066.

  1. The London tower

It is the royal palace for the queen of London. It is located in Borough of tower hamlet. It is owned by Queen Elizabeth ll of the United Kingdom. The buildings of the London towers served as the place to execute people and as political prisoners. 

Activities carried near the national gallery.

  1. The Families

Here you can discover a lot of kids and families. You are guided through to get creative with the collection. Children are taught how to make self-portraits using various methods. They are being shown different techniques in drawing. They are taught the thing to watch and learn the story behind all the paintings in the museum. Parents, too, are given guidelines on different activities and discussions. They are shown other artwork investing techniques with their children.

  1. The Regent’s Canal waterbus

This is one of London’s most hidden secrets. It is a 9 miles walking distance along the regent’s canal. It begins from the little Venice, and it ends towards docklands. It is named after the regent prince. It has a relaxed, quiet, and peaceful atmospheric waterway.

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