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Modern Leak Detection Equipment Saves You Time and Money

Water leaks have been a problem for UK homeowners for a very long time , since indoor plumbing became the norm. The most common time to experience problems is during the winter, when freezing temperatures can create leaks in water pipes. Conventional central heating leak detection processes involve looking for a wet spot, and then ripping up the wall or floor in that area. However, this is rarely accurate and can be enormously expensive. Modern leak detection equipment offers some significant advantages.

For instance, by using thermal imaging cameras, ADI technicians are able to identify the flow of hot or cold water and locate gas leak. Moisture detectors can also be used to help identify leaking pipes, while acoustic leak detectors are another non-invasive way of determining the exact source of a water leak. Each of these leak detection tools ensures that the leak is found quickly, as well as accurately. That saves you both time and money over conventional methods of leak detection.

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