Modern Art Oxford, Oxford

Modern Art Oxford is an art gallery in Oxford, England. It was established in 1965. Modern Art Oxford is one of the leading art galleries and with a good reputation in the United Kingdom. It presents contemporary visual art and modern art.

Modern Art Oxford has a commitment to formal education and inclusivity to the Oxford community. This exceptional art gallery is celebrated for progressive and bold artistic programs that encourage internationalism and diversity. Modern Art Oxford has great art that is rich in culture and history, and they aim to make the gallery accessible to a more possible audience.

Modern Art Oxford holds different exhibitions from different artists who are inspired by different things. These artists are from German America at large and anywhere in the world. The most famous art exhibitions are from Kiki Smith, a West German American artist. There are also art exhibitions from Claudette Johnson. Accessing Modern Art Oxford is hustle-free because there are many public means which are also cheap. The art gallery can be accessed by bus or train from London.

According to Trip Advisor, Modern Art Oxford is an alluring attraction for most locals and visitors. Whether an art enthusiast or intending to learn art out of curiosity, visiting Modern Art Oxford is a great idea. Modern Art Oxford holds family activities like painting, educational activities, especially for students on school trips and live events.

Modern Art Oxford houses a café where visitors can enjoy a good cup of coffee and a piece of cake. There is also a shop where you can grab common snacks and also a good plan if you have children with you. With a maximum of two hours tour in the gallery, this is an excellent plan to pass by before heading home if you are a local or a nice idea to leave your hotel if you are visiting Oxford.

Modern Art Oxford, with the aim to keep up with modern art and also create awareness, it has come up with inclusivity projects. These projects are creative ways to present how to restore the earth, visual representations of climatic changes, and also observing and recording natural changes around you, like the sound recording of water streams or rains.

Modern Art Oxford publicly praises pronounced exhibitions, displays special arts from artists, organizes events, and engages activities to encourage participation from the community. These activities aim to create more awareness to the community about contemporary visual art and how it is relatable to today’s society. Due to the ongoing Covid 19 Pandemic, most public spaces are closed down to regulate human interactions. Still, according to Modern Art Oxford Website, they are reopening on May 2021 and will observe Word Health Organization protocols to keep the visitors safe.

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If you are in Oxford, you can try to visit Headington Quarry, Oxford.

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