Matching Set Insurance Cover and Water Leaks

With so many options and policies, exclusions and coverage requirements, purchasing insurance can be a headache. You may make a claim, only to find that you are not covered for that particular issue – this can be a real problem with cases involving water leaks and damage.

Water leaks may come from a range of unexpected sources, but radiators and boilers tend to be the most common culprits; leaks in these areas can develop quietly, but have the potential to cause significant damage to your home – tracing the cause of the leak is usually covered by Trace & Access Cover.

Matching set insurance can be a real help in these situations, and leave you protected and reassured in the event of an incident – it is not however included with all home and building insurance cover.

What Is Matching Set Insurance?

In the simplest terms, matching set insurance will ensure that you are covered if you need to change or replace an item which is undamaged by water leaks, but which forms part of a matching set or suite, where one item is damaged and a reasonable match cannot be obtained.

As an example, say that you have a set which includes a matching armchair and three piece suite, and the armchair is damaged in a water leak or damp. When you go to claim, you discover that the item is discontinued, and you can no longer purchase an armchair to match the sofa.

In this case, matching set insurance cover would help you replace the entire set so that everything matches. An alternative scenario may see a kitchen cabinet damaged by flood, and the range discontinued; matching set insurance can help you to replace the entire collection.

While some home insurance policies may include matching set insurance as standard, this is not always guaranteed, so it is important to check the small print carefully, and avoid an unwanted surprise!

How Do I Make A Claim For Matching Set Insurance?

Once you are set up in a policy, making a claim is fairly simple. You need to call the insurer to make sure that any damage is reported as soon as possible – where you can, try and include photos and receipts, to help show the damage, and prove the value of items.

Once this information has been sent off, you need to wait until they advise on your next steps – it is a good idea not to buy anything until you hear back, or you may find yourself out of pocket if you are unsuccessful. If your claim goes through, you will be awarded the cost of replacing the set to ensure that all items are matching.

Depending on the level of cover you have taken out, you may be able to claim for the entire set, provided that a reasonable replacement cannot be found for your damaged item.

Why Is Matching Set Insurance Important?

Matching set insurance is useful for ensuring that you can replace an entire set in the event that you suffer damage such as a water leak. In many cases, water leaks can be confined to a relatively small area, making it possible for one item in a set to be damaged, without ruining the entire aesthetic.

If you are uninsured, this leaves you with two choices: overhaul the entire look and set at your own expense, or put up with a replacement which leaves the overall look mismatched and awkward.

Matching set insurance, however, could significantly cut your costs; you will be able to enjoy a matching set, or the replacement of one of a pair, and only have to pay out the cost of your premiums. If you have invested heavily in a certain look or style, this insurance is an essential to help keep your home in tip top shape.

Adrian Morgan

Adrain Morgan CIPHE RP RHP is the founder & Managing Director of ADI Pro Leak Ltd. Adrian is also the Head Plumbing, Heating & Leak Detection engineer at ADI Leak Detection.

Adrian CIPHE RP RHP is proud to be registered with the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering, a Registered Plumber and a Registered Heating Professional.