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Looking for Fast, Efficient Pipeline Leak Detection?

Are you looking for fast, efficient pipeline leak detection services? If so then ADI should be your first point of call. We have the most advanced detection equipment that can help us to quickly locate any pipeline leak.

The Benefits of Thermal Imaging Leak Detection Equipment

At ADI we use Thermal Imaging Leak Detection equipment. This allows us to locate any pipeline leaks below floor level and in the walls of your home. The main advantage of this equipment is the fact that we can see the problem without having to dig up your floors, or knock down your walls. Not all pipeline gas leak detection companies use this equipment.

The Types of Pipeline Leaks We Cover

Our pipeline central heating leak detection can trace a leak in your water or your gas pipes. If we can’t trace a water leak using our impressive Thermal Imagining equipment then we’ll use Tracer Gas. This method is safe and effective.

One benefit of using ADI is the fact that the cost of repair is covered in the price. If your pipeline leak requires extensive work to repair it then there will be an additional price which will be discussed with you. To see how we can help you to solve our pipeline leak, call us today on the free phone number: 08007313843.

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