London Walking Tours

London city has so much to offer, thanks to its rich history, structures, and attractions. However, if you only tour the metropolis in a vehicle, you may think that modern 21st century London has nothing that can stir your soul. However, if you explore the city on foot, as you take the fascinating London walking tours, you will realize that behind the contemporary building, there is a timeless city hidden from plain sight.

Why Consider taking London Walking Tours?

Taking walking tours in the history-rich city in the company of experienced guides allows you to discover many different parts of the metropolis. You get to see things you could not have seen when taking bus tours. As you travel around the city on foot, you get a chance to be on the ground, to take in the atmosphere, capture the city’s sounds and sights, and at the same time, you get a natural feel of the rich history of the city of more than 2000 years. Unlike when using cars and buses, when you are on foot, you can penetrate the narrow alleyways and the concealed backstreets to find the parts of the city that are not well known.

What Are Some of the Walking Tours in London?

Below are some of the London walking tours you should consider:

Greenwich Half-Day Walking Tour

With a well-informed guide, you only need to slip into your comfiest boots and embark on a walking trip to experience the real Greenwich. Ideally, the tour should have small groups to avoid pushing and shoving, as you enjoy an exciting and educational half-day walk tour of Greenwich. You find most of the significant attractions on this walk which include:

  • National Maritime Museum
  • The Royal Observatory
  • Old Royal Naval College
  • The Cutty Sark
  • Greenwich Market
  • Queen’s House (which is newly renovated)

Westminster and Sir Churchill War Rooms

It is hardly possible to separate the history of Britain with one man: Sir Winston Churchill. To experience the place profoundly, take a walking tour of the Second World War sites in Westminster. Your Blue Badge guide (the official professional United Kingdom’s tourist guides) will lead you to get sight of major landmarks in about two hours. These significant attractions include:

  • Downing Street
  • Big Ben (the London tower clock famous for its accuracy and gigantic bell)
  • The Cenotaph war memorial -this awakens poignant memories

The guide also leads the walkers to Churchill’s bunker to look at some of the things that the great man once possessed.

Changing of the Guard Walking Tour

The walk allows you to experience the memorable London experience. The experienced tour guide leads the walkers to see the palaces, royal residences, royal parks and even lets them enjoy the exciting opportunity matching with the guards. People of all ages will enjoy this walk because it is packed with fun stuff for kids and great insights for grown-ups.

Borough Market and London Bridge Tour (Food Walking Tour)

You get a chance to walk with foodie guides as they introduce you to the best traditional British delicacies. The guides offer the walkers lots of information on the local eating habits and the latest gastronomic trends. They also help the walkers visit the food shops loved by the residents of those areas.

You can tour and experience many parts of London on walk tours with the best guides, and get to see the less known side of the history-rich city. Also, make a point of visiting the West End to have fun in the bars at night or shop during the day.

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