London Eye, London

Depending on your preference, you can call it The London Eye or The Millennium Wheel. A beautiful and outstanding surveillance wheel was erected on the Southern Bank of Thames River. London Eye is the most extensive surveillance wheel worldwide and among the most visited charming site with over 2 million tourists yearly. The structure has a length of 135 meters, and a wheel of 60 meters radius thus became the giant Ferris wheel on Earth when opened in 2000. The London Eye borders to the west Jubilee Gardens and River Thames to the southern side.

History of London Eye

Julia and Marks are the couples behind the idea of building the outstanding wheel. Mace accounted for the building alongside Hollandia was the leading steelworker and the civil contractor being Douglas. The project was European, whereby imported the primary building materials from other states. Its construction began in the year 1998.

Tourist Attraction Sites Near London Eye

  1. Thames River Boat Ride

Through a boat ride from the river Thames, you can see the London horizon, which is very informative and exciting, making you like London more.

  1. Witness of The Prosecution Shows

The Prosecution has brilliant and informative shows and plays which catch your attention from the start to the end, along with many surprises. For show lovers, this is the place to be.

  1. Sand Bank

Sand Bank is a stunning riverside stretch at the core of London featuring most of London’s top hotels, shopping centers, and dining giving you a coastal experience while still at the heart of London.

  1. London Aquarium

The London Aquarium is a beautiful drive into the underwater world with over 5,000 creatures. Being London’s flagship aquarium, there is always something new for everyone to learn about the water world.

  1. County Hall, London

Being in a strategic position, the 5-star Marriot County Hall Club and Spa is located on the upper floors. The balcony areas offer a gorgeous river view of The House of Parliament.

  1. DreamWorks Tours: Shrek’s Adventure! London

It is a peaceful place, especially for families where they can have their comical adventures with Shrek and his friend. A wonderful bonkers with collaborating and immersive walkthrough involvement.

  1. The Boat Show Comedy Club

For party lovers, a floating comedy club on the Thames River with a regular solid crowd and famous actors do secret gigs in the particular place.

  1. Battle of Britain Monument

A superb monument is celebrating the people who took part in the vibrant battle of the Second World War and gives families left behind the courage to live.

Activities Carried Out

  1. Self-Guided Discovery Game

It is an ideal place for people who love testing their limits. You walk around London while trying to solve mysterious riddles to help you learn about the city and its secret history with a self-guided discovery game.

  1. Vintage Double-Decker Bus Tour

Is there a better way to acknowledge the beauty of London apart from being on board a vintage double-decker bus? Especially during Christmas Day Tour, you can view London without any traffic or crowds.

  1. Changing of the Guard Walking

Walk-in steps with the guards and know the soldiers’ history, the royals, and palaces.

  1. Having a Private Family Bike Tour

Enjoy a personalized bike tour with your family across London, which helps you to avoid traffic and gives you a chance to visit top sites across London while having uninterrupted family time.

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