Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre

Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre is the perfect place to be for anyone wishing for an adventurous outdoor activity since the Centre is designed to bring some major stimulation to your body and at the same time educate and motivate both the young and elderly in this challenging but safe environment. Sessions at the center are very affordable for both individuals and groups.

Historical Background

The Club was founded in Belgrave on the North side of Leicester. It continued its operations before it relocated to its next home on Frog Island. In 1980, the center suffered some financial problems due to the LEA withdrawing their funding, and it had to be closed. In the spring of 1982, the Centre was taken over by Leicester City Council. The facilities around the premises started being re-built and others refurnished, and also construction of more rooms that included changing rooms and showers commenced.

The Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre and the Leicestershire Canoe Club merged and became one in 1991, and became known as Leicestershire Canoe and Outdoor Pursuits club. The Centre also became a reality in 1997, after being approved as a Limited Company and a Registered Charity later in March 1999.


  1. Holiday club

The Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre houses a holiday club that is suitable for both kids and adults. This ensures everyone has fun at the facility.

  1. Beautiful scenery

The Club is of a magnificent design and all its facilities are designed to ensure one has fun while visiting the center. In case someone is in the company of their children or family, that is not a problem since the Centre is built to accommodate people of different ages, starting from children to the elderly.


  • Canoeing

Visitors can indulge themselves in sporting activities like canoeing with the help of a guide.

  • Climbing

The spot is a nice area for leisure activities too like climbing hills and trees. It serves as a good way to lose that extra cholesterol.

  • Zip-lining

Zip-lining is a common sport at the center, attracting so many locals and visitors who have a passion for the activity or are maybe willing to try it out.

  • Teambuilding

The Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre offers a ground for activities like teambuilding. Different teams could compete against each other for fun and in the process everyone gets to have an exciting time at the Centre.

  • Exercising

The facility is huge in size. This offers a wide area for the children to play in and at the same time offering the elderly a spot to engage in different sporting activities too. This is a way to exercise one’s body without necessarily having to go to the gymnasium.

Canoeing too helps in exercising since it requires some energy to paddle through the water.

  • Touring

Anyone willing to visit the place just for touring purposes is welcome to do so. This in turn could help in convincing someone to be a regular visitor of the Centre after seeing the amazing things it has to offer.

If you are in Leicester, you can visit St Mary De Castro Church, Leicester.

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