Leicester Market

Leicester Market has been serving the residents of Leicester for over 700 years since the Market was launched and is the largest outdoor covered market in the entire Europe. The Leicester Market is always open to the public from Monday to Saturday starting from the early hours of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The number of stalls that the outdoor market has is about 270, making it handle a high capacity of both traders and customers.

Historical background of Leicester Market

The initial market was an indoor market built in 1973 and was a multi-level building that housed the fish market and delicatessen. It also hosted a number of stalls dealing with the sale of clothes, footwear, haberdashery, gemstones, jewellery, and confectionery. The market was however brought down in December 2014, and the new leveled site was turned into the New Market Square. Some of the traders that used to carry out their trading activities in the initial market moved into the New Food Hall that was just adjacent to the Corn Exchange while others moved to stalls in the Outdoor market. Everyone had their choice to make since no rules prohibited anyone from choosing the part that they saw was favorable to carry out their trading activities.

The Leicester Corn Exchange which was built in the 1850s as the initial trading centre is now a bar and restaurant serving both locals and non-locals of Leicester. A statue of John Manners also stands at this current site.


  1. Variety of goods
  • Fruits and vegetables

The market is a source of fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Flowers

The outdoor market boasts a collection of different types of lovely flowers available for sale to the public. One seeking to impress their lover could take advantage of this market.

  • Clothes

Different brands of clothes with different origins and fabrics are found here at a very friendly price.

  • Jewellery

The traders dealing with jewellery tend to have various collections of necklaces, earrings, and so on, some having a bit of cultural significance and others just on sale for beauty purposes. The numerous types of jewellery on sale make the market a huge attraction for many lovers of jewels.

  • Second-hand books

The market also sells second-hand books.

  1. Café

The café built at this site, provides both the customers and traders with mouth-licking dishes hence making the café a place to visit while touring the market or shopping.

  1. Bar & restaurant

The initial Corn Exchange is now a bar, and also hosts a restaurant, making it a nice spot to go visit for all the booze lovers of Leicester and beyond.

4. Pet products on sale

    Numerous pet products are on sale in the outdoor market starting from collars, pet food and many more, all at a fair price for the pet lovers.

5. Cosmetics

Lovers of cosmetics are not left behind since the market offers wide range of cosmetic products. Individuals with the love for makeup can’t lack something to take home since there is variety to choose from.

If you are in Leicester, you can visit Leicester Museum and Art Gallery.

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