Leicester Abbey

Located northeast of the city of Leicester is the historic remains of a complex abbey that appear on the grounds of Abbey Park. Abbey Park is a public Park where River Soar runs through. It is managed by the Leicester city council.

It was once known as the relaxing zone for Lord Chancellor, Cardinal Wolsey. The full names of Leicester Abbey are Abbey of St. Mary De Pratis, which means the abbey of the meadow. One of the most famous remains of Leicester abbey is the precinct circa wall. This is a red wall well known for its contrasting patterns and symbols.

The History of Leicester Abbey

Leicester Abbey was founded in the year 1138 by Robert le Bossu as an abbey for Augustinian Canon. It was one of the structures built as a dedication to the Virgin Mary. Earl Robert gave a portion that his father used to endow the college of St Mary de Castro. He collected all the revenues, incomes from several churches, and grants from Earls. Even better, they were exempted from paying tithes and offerings. The abbey soon dissolved in 1538 after the death of Robert. It was demolished afterwards. The abbey was resurrected later in the 16th century by the Hastings family. It was enlarged and transformed into a mansion. Currently, Leicester Abbey is a major attraction with a story to tell.

Major Attractions

  1. St Margaret’s Church, Leicester

Explore the city’s oldest St Margaret’s Church where the famous priests, theologians, statesmen, and most influential people worshipped.

  1. Leicester, All Saints Church

Located a few miles from Leicester Abbey, this is another oldest church with plenty of impressive Norman features. The 1762 Alderman Gabriel memorial is worth a stop.

  1. Leicester clock tower

Located within the five junctions of the Leicester streets stands an iconic Clock Tower that was built by John Burton. It is easy to access from all standpoints.

  1. Leicester High Cross

It is a stone topped with a cross on the top. Leicester High Cross is the City’s historic monument that is worth a visit.

  1. Jewry Wall, Leicester

Featuring a modern replica hypocaust, Jewry wall was once known as a Roman Bathhouse.

  1. Leicester Guildhall

Discover Leicester’s oldest timber made hall used for public meetings, civic administration, and more.

  1. Leicester cathedral

It features medieval architecture that can surely take your breath away. Take a tour and discover Richard III’s tomb.

Activities carried out at Leicester Abbey

  1. Photo taking

Abbey offers a perfect spot for photography, thanks to the beautiful Chinese garden from which stunning pictures can be taken.

  1. Laser Clay shooting

Laser Clay shooting is meant for fun. Involve yourself in a group competition and see the best with a hotshot.

  1. Ship simulator experience

Want to take your sailing experience to another level? Choose the best from a variety of ships and set your sail from one of the city’s exciting locations.

  1. Wine Tours

Take wine tours and treat yourself like no other. It is best for grouping and family.

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