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Leaks in Water Pipes can Turn into Massive Home Repairs, Take Preventative Steps

A little leak in a pipe located behind the walls doesn’t get noticed immediately.  A slow gas leak drips behind walls for days, weeks or sometimes even months before the water becomes noticeable in a specific location.  The drips can collect into a puddle and allow the breeding of insects.  Leaks in water pipes can create multiple problems for home owners.  A small leak can turn into a big leak over night.  Leaks in water pipes make homes vulnerable to structural damage and environmental problems.  Water finds cracks and exploits them, and during winter weather, water trapped in cracks freezes, expanding the fissures.  The process of water freezing and melting can be incredibly harmful to stone, concrete and cement. Don’t wait until your foundation cracks, resulting in an expensive home repair.

At ADI we offer state of the art detection services to locate leaks before they do damage.  If you have noticed excessive moisture in any area of your home, you may want to have the plumbing checked before it gets worse.  High humidity levels can be indicative of a hidden problem.  Take proactive steps to protect your property by contacting us on 0800 731 8343 to schedule an appointment for our leak detection experts to investigate and repair your leak.

Leak Detection In Walls Using Thermal Imaging