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Do You Have A Leak Under Concrete?

A leak under concrete can be a nightmare and can lead to large sums of money being spent to get it repaired and even to find it in the first place. Having a gas leak of any kind in the home or anywhere on the premises can cause great disruption to our daily lives and can be costly, especially if we do not treat it promptly. Having a leak in a concrete surface can pose all sorts of problems.

The first task to undertake is to find the source of the leak, this may not always be where we think the leak is and can often prove difficult to find. Many plumbing companies use invasive methods to find a leak under concrete and there can be numerous excavation holes dug before the source of the leak is found.

Now, technology has come to central heating leak detection and many professional plumbing and leak detection firms are now using cutting edge, state of the art technology to identify and find the source of leaks. This is great news for the consumer, especially when we have a leak in a solid surface such as concrete, it means that we have minimum disruption and because much of the technology uses non-invasive methods we do not need to have holes dug everywhere. We use hi-tech equipment to find leaks and are equipped with items such as: -

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Nitrogen gas trace internal and external probes
  • Acoustic sound trace
  • Snake Cameras
  • Pressure sensing equipment

These sets of gadgets can find many types of different leaks and in many different environments such as in gardens, under floorboards and flat roofs. Because they use non-invasive methods they can be set to work straight away without the need to first excavate area or chase out pipes. They are also more precise and do not add to the problems by causing additional leaks; which can be the case during normal excavation methods.

If you have a leak under concrete and need a Leak detection Company then call ADI Leak Detection, we use state of the art equipment to locate you leak with minimum fuss.

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