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Leak Detection Versus Plumbing

Some people get leak detection companies and plumbing companies confused with each other. Now there are some similarities between them when it comes down to it – after all they both deal with both gas and water leak issues on your property. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. You see leak detection is a far more refined process that requires state-of-the-art equipment and a high level of training to perform it properly. It’s not something you can just “wing it” or “blag” your way through it – if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to true leak detection it’s going to be obvious to any customer within about 2 minutes.

You see the problem is that there are lots of cowboys out there passing themselves off as plumbers but it’s not easy to pose as a cowboy who performs leak detection – they’d just never make the level of investment in equipment or training required to run a truly professional leak detection service.

And that’s where ADI are different in the most obvious ways to a regular plumber. Our engineers are qualified and trained plumbers and Gas Safe (formerly Corgi) registered too – so they understand how plumbing in your property works. But they’re highly skilled leak detection engineers also so you’re getting two services for the price of one at the end of the day. We specialize in leak detection as our primary business model but we do also offer a gas leak repairs service also – that’s just to make your life as simple as possible when it comes to having your leak problem dealt with permanently.

A trained plumber is obviously going to be good at what he or she does but unless they’re using the specialized types of equipment and training that ADI engineers do then they can’t even come close to offering the level of service that we do.