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Leak Detection Using Tracer Gas

It’s simply not possible to find the source of every single water leak repair using the same processes, tools and procedures on every single property. The reason for this is that each water leak is unique in its own way and therefore the process for finding it must also be unique to a certain extent. So even though our thermal imaging cameras provide exceptional results on the vast majority of properties they are simply not going to be able to allow us to detect specific types of leaks.

For example when the central heating leak in your water pipe is so tiny that it’s almost invisible to the naked eye then thermal imaging cameras are very little use in this scenario. Or when the leak is in a particularly difficult to reach area of your home or business we need to use a leak detection technology which reaches places that thermal imaging simply can’t.

In these situations we rely on technology called hydrogen leak detection whereby we completely drain your water system and then fill it with a non-explosive gas. As the gas flows through your water pipes we strategically place natural gas leak detectors,or what are also known as gas sniffers, around your property. As our tracing gas flows through pipes it will leak out through the holes in those same pipes and when it does the gas detectors can allow us to pinpoint the exact location of the leak itself.

Our leak tracing gas system is one of the best examples of non-invasive leak detection technology used by our engineers currently. In combination with the other tools at our disposal it means our customers are simply getting a superior leak detection service full stop.

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