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Leak Detection In The Workplace

Most businesses right now are doing what they can to stay afloat during these tough economic times. So for most business owners they’ll tend to only spend money on what they absolutely need and try to avoid any “other” expenses. The problem with this outlook is that it’s one of scarcity and also creates an atmosphere and attitude where important business property basics could be overlooked. And an untreated gas leak being just one such example of that.

Now it might only be a suspicion of a water leak detection or a leak that’s perceived to be so small that it’s not worth the trouble of having it located and properly fixed but that still means that the problem is not being dealt with as a cost-cutting measure.We need to flip this outlook on its head though to get a better idea of why leak detection is so important to pretty much every business we can think of.

Here’s a question – What is the total value of stock you have right now?

Now imagine opening the doors to your shop or business unit one morning and finding every single stock unit destroyed by water damage. Does your insurance cover this? If so how long will it take them to process the claim? Do they only cover Force Majeure or are existing problems also covered?

Or here’s another scenario for you. You leave a water leak untreated and a customer slips and injures themselves. You’re now looking at a personal injury claim that could drive your insurance premiums straight through the roof. And the worst kind of publicity you could ask for.Now look at the small investment you’d need to make to have that both found and dealt with by the professionals at ADI central heating leak detection.


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