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Leak Detection For Schools?

If you could ever design an absolute hive of activity it would resemble a school. They’re the closest things to an ant farm that human beings have outside of the many high rise buildings we also use. A school is active from well before class time each morning until well after the last class each evening and to make sure this all hums along nicely without anyone getting upset everything needs to work.

That means that electricity needs to work and of course plumbing and heating also need to work – plumbing for during the crazily busy lunch breaks and heating for those times of the year when it’s too cold outside to think clearly. A happy student is a studious student so the last thing any school will need is a leak repair anywhere in their water system that’s going to cause havoc with the smooth running of the school itself.

This could mean anything from radiators not working properly to low water pressure or no pressure in the school showers or worse again the almost unimaginable situation where the school loses the use of its toilet facilities for even a few hours. Regardless of what problem the water leak actually causes you can be pretty sure that chaos will ensue and the faculty will be dealing with a stream of student and parent complaints.

Fortunately ADI gas leak detection have experience on working on domestic and commercial properties so dealing with finding leaks on any scale isn’t a problem for our highly trained engineers. With the range of equipment we have at our disposal finding leaks behind walls or several feet underground is absolutely no problem at all for our team. So if you’re responsible for the running of a school or its utility services then give ADI central heating leak detection a call the split second you suspect that there might be a water leak of some kind.