Kingsbury, Water Park, Birmingham

Kingsbury water park, Birmingham is a London country park that is located in Warwickshire, England. This park which lies on the River Tame not far from Birmingham, is managed and organized by the Warwickshire County Council. It is located on 600 acres (2.4 km2) and has fifteen lakes in this country park. Kingsbury water park Country Park is known for its birdwatchers and also renowned for its birdlife. On the western edge, this country park is bordered by Fazeley Canal as well as Birmingham.

History Of Kingsbury Water Park, Birmingham

The area at which the Kingsbury water park is situated was once a site for gravel extraction pits which was operated by a company known as Midland Gravel. In this country park, the lakes result from the craters left behind by the Midland Gravel Company who used to extract gravel in this site. Kingsbury water park was established on 24th May 1975 with 123 acres and two lakes, but it was expanded later, leaving fifteen lakes that cover over 600 acres. In the first year when the country park was opened, it attracted 50,000 people, and the number has gradually increased to 350,000 according to the report released in 2007.

Things To Do And See In Kingsbury Water Park, Birmingham

  1. Etchells Wood Railway

This is one of the regions in Kingsbury Water Park that attracts more than 32,000 visitors from all walks of life. Etchells Wood Railway in Kingsbury Water Park was founded in 1972. If you want a place to relax and enjoy a great ride, the Echills Wood Railway is the right place to visit.

  1. RSPB Middleton Lakes

This is a nature reserve situated in Kingsbury Water Park, Birmingham, and covers 160 hectares of this country park. The Royal Society opened the Middleton Lakes RSPB reserve on 19th May 2011 to protect birds at Middleton, located south of Tamworth Warwickshire, England. It is a fantastic place where you can take a walk to spend time with your family.

  1. Dunton Stables Equine Center

If you enjoy horse riding, donkey riding, and pony trekking, the Dunton Stables Equine Center is a fantastic place to be. This fantastic place is located in Bodymoor Health, North of Warwickshire, boasting the best local pubs and a place you can have a full day or even an evening trek. It is also the best place to visit where your kids will enjoy donkey riding if you have children.

  1. Ash End House Children’s Farm

It is one of the popular tourist attractions in England that attracts thousands of visitors, both local and international. At this tourist attraction, you will enjoy pony sit-on, tractor rides, and a lot of animals for your kids to see as well as lamb feeding. There are restaurants around, such as Drayton Court Hotel, that you can stop by with your family for a good selection of food and staff welcoming.

There is so much to do and see in Kingsbury Water Park, including a miniature railway with tunnels, excellent hotels with sweet foods, natural green space to relax, and landscaped lakes.

If you are in Birmingham, you can visit Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.

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