King Richard III Visitor Centre, Leicester

This is basically an establishment in Leicester; the Center showcased the life of King Richard III. Situated in the Center of Leicester city, it is an informative museum that tells the beautiful story of the KingKing and the moving story of his life and death. The beautiful designed Center using the current technology and using great storytelling from gurus within you will get to know the whole story of the KingKing.  This Center is very close to Leicester Cathedral, where King Richard III was re-interred in 2015. Once you visit this place, don’t go minus not stopping at Tropical Birdland, Desford.

History of King Richard III Visitor Center

This is actually a new center, having being opened to the public in 2014 on the site of Greyfriars, where the KingKing was originally buried. In the year 2012, some remains were discovered in a car park in Leicester, but by then, they did not know whose remains were a few days later; the remains turned out to be King Richard III’s remains.

The council governing by then turned a former school into a visitor’s Center just right next to the spot where the remains were found. With time this school was transformed into a state-of-the-art visitor center through a major renovation. Just at the Center, you will get to know the facts about the war, and you will see the exact spot where King Richard III’s body was buried more than 500 years back. The spot is now a glass-floored space.

The Center has received an award of Best Museum in the Group Leisure and Travel Awards in 2018. Just nearby to King Richard III Center, you will find a beautiful scenic Jewry Wall Museum.

What you need to know about King Richard III Center

  • Food and drinks are available at the Center, and you can quench your thirst with a hot or cold drink from the recommended Cathedral gardens opposite the Center.
  • You can access the place with your dog, but the management allows guided dogs.
  • There numerous activities for children done at the Center.
  • This Center is believed to be the first place where DNA was carried out, which was done to King’s remains. Visitors can also match up DNA and discover the process used to identify remains.
  • The Center also has a unisex toilets accessible toilet located at the back of the exhibition.
  • Being the fact that the Center originated from a car park, there no parking facilities within the Center. But there are display car parks close by.
  • The main activity at the Center is just storytelling about the life and death history of the KingKing.
  • The ticket prices to the Center may change. An adult ticket costs £9.25 while for children it costs £4.75, under 5s are free. You can get family tickets at the Center.

King Richard III center is a place where you cannot go without visiting; you should give this place a priority. Although due to the global pandemic Covid-19, not everything will be open, and perhaps it may be open differently to normal, basically at the attraction you’re visiting. Please visit their social media accounts or website to have all the information before your visit.

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