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Keep your home safe with natural gas leak detection

For most people their home is their sanctuary – a place to relax, unwind and spend time with loved ones. Of course, it is also a place that needs to be safe and secure and whilst there are measures that you can take to make your home safer there are some things that can occur in any home, such as a gas leak.

Most people are quick to call someone out when they believe they may have a gas leak but fail to look into how the company will deal with the detection and repair of the central heating leak. The last thing you want when you call someone out to determine whether and where there is a gas leak is to have them turn up with a variety of power tools and equipment to start pulling your home to pieces!

ADI, on the other hand, is a specialist in natural gas leak detection. With a range of specialist equipment designed for non-invasive natural gas leak detection, ADI is able to safely and accurately pinpoint the gas leak without causing damage to your home, which means that you get the problem identified and dealt with without the creation of a plethora of additional problems.

Whether you simply want to find out if and where you have a gas leak, or whether you want both detection and repair services without risking damage to your home, call ADI on 0800 7313840033 for a fast and efficient service.