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Keep the Damage from Thames Water Leaks to a Minimum

At ADI, we understand that you want the best possible service for anything to do with your home.  For many, purchasing a home is one of the most nerve wracking experiences they will experience.  Home ownership represents the fulfillment of many people’s dreams.  We understand that our customers in Thames area are predominantly concerned with keeping their property as well maintained as possible.  Thames tracing water leaks are within our service area, and central heating leak detection experts are committed to providing non-invasive services.  Invasive detection can result in gaping holes in walls, dead flowers littering your lawn or piles of rubble from where a concrete slab was hammered to gain access.  Our experts understand how upsetting that prospect is, and only use detection methods that cause no damage to your property.

With state of the art equipment, detection experts can locate Thames water leaks to within 5cm.  This makes it easy to minimize damage to your home.  Repairing gas leak can then be accomplished with minimal disruption as well.  Instead of spending hours or days finding the source of the water, you can sit back as our experts locate and repair the problem quickly, easily and without horrendous cosmetic damage.  Contact us today on 0800 731 8343 for advice from our leak detection experts.

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