Most people have a pretty fixed image of how leak detection works and we’d like to explain here how much central heating leak detection has changed and progressed over the last few years. There was a time when finding a leak on a home or business property would have involved digging or drilling holes to actually track down where your water or gas leak was emanating from. The problem with that is it could mean damage to your property which was the last thing most people wanted. Now a good leak detection company obviously minimized the number of holes drilled or dug but some companies didn’t care and caused more damage than they were worth.

But that was back then and this is right now and we can tell you that the leak detection process has come an awfully long way since then. ADI leak detection engineers have access to some very advanced leak detection equipment which allows them to find the source of a gas or water leak on your home without having to dig or drill a single hole. The equipment is so advanced it literally allows our guys to see inside walls so we can trace the internal leak as accurately as possible. We don’t need to use guesswork which means that we don’t need to dig up your floors or your lawn to get to the heart of your leak problem – our equipment takes care of that for us and means that your property is left intact at the end of the day.

So how accurate is ADI’s leak detection process? Well because of our experience and our refined approach to what we do we can trace the source of any leak to within 5 centimeters or less of the actual source itself and we’re always working to improve that figure whenever possible. But at 5cm we’re literally pinpointing leaks, both above and below ground, with the kind of precision that makes our competitors very jealous.

Leak Detection In Walls Using Thermal Imaging