Jewry Wall Museum, Leicester

Leicester was known as Ratae Corieltavorum in Roman times, and it was the capital of the Corieltauvi people who controlled the territory. It was built in the second century, and it remains among the most significant structures in Britain to date. As Roman Britain declined, the jerry wall was left to decay and was buried by deposits and buildings as time passed. In 1935, when Kathleen was overseeing an excavation, archaeologists discovered the complex remains such as the walls and the furnaces.

The University of Leicester sought a new site in the early 1960s, and it decided to build a college that would be adjacent to Jewry Walls remains. The building was done by 1960, and the upper floors became the Vaughan College. The lower floors opened as the Jewry Hall Museum, home to the city’s artifacts and archaeological discoveries.

The University of Leicester decided to relocate from the Vaughan College site, and sixty years later, after the Museum’s opening, Leicester Council purchased the building to create a state-of-the-art Museum that would spread across the town. Leicester Museum is now working to make that dream a reality and bring life to Leicester ancient past. There have been many discoveries to the park, and there is an extra gallery space that allows visitors to view the gems and learn the history of the city.

Jerry Wall Museum is dedicated to broadcasting Leicester’s past, and it allows its visitors to learn the story of different residents of this city from the ancient days to date. The Jewry Wall was part of the Roman Town’s, and it is one of the most significant remaining pieces of masonry in the country.

These 3000-year ruins are mostly loved by kids who love exploring them. You will find several collections inside the Museum, such as the Roman helmet, mosaics, wall plaster and a Roman pavement. There are also collections of historical tools from ancient times, such as medieval tiles from the Abbey and old stone tools.

The Museum has a collection of event days throughout its calendar year, so it would be great to first check online before visiting. However, the Jewry Wall Museum is currently closed for renovation, but it will be completed in no time. Please visit the Jewry Wall Museum to know more about it. You can only view it from a public footpath as there is no entry to the place. You can view the park from St Nicolas walk, a stone throw distance from the Museum. The surrounding ground is uneven, meaning you can only access it on foot.

Jerry’s workshop is found on the winter island. You can access the area during late winter through the event stands on the Island. The Museum has a café that lets you buy ancient merchandise and snacks during your visit. It is an ideal place for all ages due to its numerous packages.


The Jewry Wall Museum was built in the second century, and it remains an essential site to date. It is home to some of the most ancient tools in England’s history.

If you are in Leicester, you can visit Gorse Hill City Farm.

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