Glowworm F22 Fault Code

Glowworm is a top-rated boiler manufacturer. The F22 fault code relates to low boiler pressure. This fault code will cause your central heating system to stop working.

What is the F22 Fault?

The F22 fault is a specific error code that indicates low water pressure in your heating system. Glow-worm boilers display the error code when they experience a a loss of pressure in the heating system, but the problem is most likely a leak in your central heating system pipes.

Common Causes of the F22 Fault

There are several reasons why a Glowworm boiler might display the F22 fault:

  • Low pressure in the boiler
  • Blockages that hinder proper water circulation
  • The presence of air in the system can disrupt the boiler’s operations

Signs and Symptoms Of The F22 Error Code

Identifying the F22 fault is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of the boiler. Some of the evident signs include:

  • The boiler display flashes the F22 error code
  • Inconsistent heating or failure to heat
  • Unusual noises from the boiler, especially during startup

Fixing The F22 Fault

Immediate Steps to Take

Upon identifying the F22 fault, it’s essential to:

1) Check the boiler’s pressure gauge.

2) Ensure there are no visible leaks around the boiler.

3) Restart the boiler using the reset button  to see if the fault clears.

DIY Solutions vs. Professional Help

While some fixes can be done independently, consulting a professional for persistent issues is always advisable. Here are some steps homeowners can try:

1) Repressurizing the boiler.

2) Bleeding the radiators to remove any trapped air.

However, if the fault persists, you will need a heating leak detection specialist to locate your hidden water leak.

Glowworm F22 FAQs

To restore the pressure, you can:

  • Open the filling loop valves to allow water into the system.
  • Monitor the pressure gauge and close the valves once the desired pressure is achieved.

The safety switch-off mechanism in an F22 boiler is a feature that automatically turns off the boiler when it detects issues like low water pressure to prevent damage and ensure user safety.

The F22 fault specifically relates to water circulation and pressure issues, while other fault codes might indicate different problems, such as ignition failures or sensor malfunctions. Other fault codes include Code F9, Code F24, Code F32, Code F73 & Code F74.

It’s not recommended to use the boiler when the F22 fault is displayed. This fault indicates potential issues that can compromise the boiler’s efficiency and safety. It’s best to address the problem before continuing usage.

Adrian Morgan

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