Imperial War Museum London

The Imperial War Museum London is a preservation of the memories of the events, sacrifices, and losses suffered since World War 1. It is housed within the former Royal Bethlem Hospital (Bedlam). It has a collection of photos, various artifacts like the Harrier jet that hangs in the atrium, and a wide variety of exhibits from the war period.

History of the Imperial War Museum London

The museum was created in 1917 as the Imperial War Museum and was meant to document the effort and sacrifices in the civil and military war by Britain and its territory all through the First World War. However, the museum’s scope has expanded to cover all conflicts or wars the British and even the Commonwealth forces have taken part in since 1914.

Initially, the museum had its home in the Crystal Palace, Sydenham Hill, and allowed access to the public in 1920. The museum then shifted in 1924 to occupy the Imperial Institute, South Kensington. Later on, in 1936, the museum got a permanent place in the former Bethlem Royal Hospital located in Southwark.

With the outbreak of World War 2, the museum collections and terms of reference expanded, but the post-war brought a decline. During the 1960s, the museum redeveloped the Southwark building, and it came to be known as the Imperial War Museum London. It is the corporate headquarters of the British National Museum.

Major Attractions in the Imperial War Museum London

When you visit the Imperial War Museum, London, you get a chance to see one of the widest varieties of military hardware. The museums also offer an in-depth narration of the first-hand accounts and personal stories of the British and Commonwealth participation in the wars worldwide in the 20th and 21st centuries. In addition, you can seek the services of a guide to get a good understanding of military history.

Below are some of the important things you can look forward to seeing in the Imperial War Museum London:

Aircraft: the sight of the Spitfire, one of the highly celebrated fighter aircraft in World War 2, will certainly stir your soul. The fighter airplane was a crucial vessel in the aerial wars of the 1940’s Battle of Britain.

Naval guns: the two gigantic naval guns at the front part of the museum welcomes you to the home of historical military equipment. The giant guns were made for two British naval ships in the First World War and could shoot over 15 miles away.

Family in wartime collection: the hard times of survival and endurance in World War 2 are perfectly captured in the Imperial War Museum, especially during Blitz’s toughest and darkest days. The times are relived through the Allpress family recollections and objects of those days.

Lord Ashcroft collection: This collection of military decorations and medals reveals some of the bravest missions in history.

First World War Gallery: the gallery exhibits the 4-year war that shook the world to the core. Visitors are treated to unforgettable personal stories of soldiers, families, and civilians in the global conflict.

The Imperial War Museum holds so many things to see, and you will undoubtedly appreciate the excellent work of preserving the equipment and galleries that carry those memories. Also, take a moment to explore the city on foot by taking themed Walking Tours.

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