Incredible Facts about the Famous Hyde Park

Hyde Park is connected to Kensington Gardens. Both are located in central London. The park is set on 350 acres. It is widely covered with plush green grass. On the other hand, Kensington covers 275 acres of land. Thus, London has its 625 acres covered in luxurious green grass foliage. This site is the home to various unique landmarks. The following are some facts about Hyde that you may never have come across.

Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park is famous for its Winter Wonderland carnival that happens each year from November to January. During the carnival at Hyde Park, you can enjoy the Ferris wheel, some glistening ice rink, a circus, and even a market. Thus, your entire family will have fun to the fullest upon a visit to Hyde Park during the Winder Wonderland Carnival.

Home to the Beatles

The four Beatles once lived in Hyde. They shared a home just a few strides from Hyde in 1963. The Beatles stayed in Hyde Park’s 57 Green Street, which is still there.

Once a Hunting Ground

In 1536, King Henry had all his hunting passions fulfilled in this park. It was set aside for hunting purposes only. History has it that the king seized the park from Westminster Abbey monks. King Charles had very questionable habits about his operations and everything else that he touched.

You can, however, check out various facts about the past of the England Monarchs, their raucous lifestyles, and unanticipated decadents. And Hyde Park is one of the best places to get a glimpse of the past events and English monarchs.

Kensington Palace

To begin with, the Kensington Palace is the most beautiful element of the entire Kensington Gardens. This palace was the infancy home of Queen Victoria. However, it is now conserved as a museum set to house all the mysteries of Queen Victoria. Thus, if you want to learn more about the time and life of victoria the Queen, you must visit Kensington Palace. You will have fun and enjoy the beautiful gardens that surround Kensington palace London.

Did you know Queen Victoria is an enthralling figure in the history of England? Her story is one of the many that will leave you fascinated. She was just about five feet in height or even below. But tiny as she was, she ruled the biggest empire in the world. She was born in 1819 and was raised in Kensington Palace. She was never let out of the palace until she was 18, and that is when she has crowned the Queen. She was therefore permitted to leave the palace and explore the world.


As you can see, Hyde Park is one of the best places you can ever visit. You can enjoy the Winter Wonderland Carnival from November to January, visit the Kensington Palace, and see the various historical stuff in the Hyde Park museum. Do not be left out when others are visiting Hyde Park London.

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