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How Well Does Leak Detection Actually Work?

Most people assume that all domestic leak detection companies are created equal but that simply isn’t true. So in the same breath it’s equally difficult to ask a question like “How well does leak detection work” in a general sense because it will be down to the expertise and equipment in use by the leak detection company that you hire.

And like any trade you could very easily hire a cowboy outfit that talk a big game but when it comes down to finding and repairing your central heating leak even the layman will spot that they have no idea what they’re doing within the first few minutes of them being at work. And all the business or residential customer is left with at the end is a collection of holes, a huge bill and the same water leak they had before….or one that’s possibly worse.

A professional, highly trained and expertly equipped leak detection company like ADI gas leak detection are a different kettle of fish altogether. We’ve been providing our services throughout the UK now for almost 20 years so you’re dealing with a team of engineers who know exactly what they’re doing. Our leak detection equipment is so advanced that we don’t need to dig or drill any holes to find your leak – we can literally see inside your walls to find them instead. This means your property is left undamaged and we can still locate where your leak is coming from to within a few centimeters of the actual source.

From our point of view our leak detection procedures work extremely well but then again we know what we’re doing – not every other leak detection company can say the same.

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