How to find a leak in a swimming pool - large or smallIf you are a regular user or are involved in cleaning your pool; if anything abnormal occurs, you can easily detect it. One of the possible abnormalities that may occur in a pool is drastic water loss which is a symptom of possible water leak in the pool or even the filtration system.

On average an ordinary Swimming pool loses roughly a quarter of an inch of water per day depending on where in the world your pool is. However, this may fluctuate due to sunlight, humidity, and wind intensity. The primary causes of causes of abnormal loss of water in your pool include;

A lifting or sinking pool deck

The pool system having air

The emergence of soggy spots surrounding the pool

Cracks in the pool

Adding water in the pool too frequently

Dangers of a leaking pool;

Causes of False Pool Leaks in a swimming pool

Losing water in a pool is normal due to several factors like splashed water while swimming and evaporation. However increased sudden loss may not necessarily be a water leak, below are some of the possible causes;

locating a swimming pool leak manuallyDetermining a Genuine Swimming Pool Leak

Having considered the above false alarms not to be a cause of abnormal water loss in your swimming pool, then the next step to take is using the bucket test. The following are procedures of a bucket test;

Losing more water when the pump is off means the leak is more likely to be located in the return lines.

Loosing less water when the pump is off means the leak could be in the skimmer or main drain.

If the loss of water is the same whether the pump is off, or on means, the leak could be either in the fittings, pool liner or shell.

Establishing the exact location of a leak in a pool

Having confirmed the possibility of a leak in a pool, the next step is locating the exact position of the leak in a swimming pool. Below is a simple step by step swimming pool hack referred to as ‘The Dye Trick’ used to locate the actual spot of a swimming pool leak.

Diving to locate the Swimming Pool LeakProfessional methods of detecting water leaks

Types of leaks in a swimming pool

Tips on proper maintenance of pools

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services

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