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How to Detect Water Leaks in the Wall

Are you wondering how to detect water leaks in the wall? These types of leaks are potentially the most damaging as they are not easy to find. tracing water leaks become worse the longer that you leave them. As you won’t always be able to detect a gas leak in the wall early on, it can lead to a potentially big problem. The trouble is you can’t actually detect a central heating leak through the wall by yourself. You need a professional with Thermal Imaging equipment.

How It Works

Thermal Imaging equipment enables a professional to see exactly what is going on behind a wall, without the need to knock through it. Imagine how costly it would be if you had to first knock through a wall to see if there was a leak. If there wasn’t a leak then you would end up wasting a lot of money, not to mention the mess that would be made in your home.

ADI makes use of Thermal Imaging equipment to do this for you. We can detect any leak hidden behind a wall. You can receive a quote for the cost of detection and repair by calling our free phone number: 08007313843 today.

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